Sesame sausage rolls

Simple favourites for National Sausage week

This week (2nd – 8th November) is British Sausage Week. It’s only right therefore that we share with you our sumptuous selection of sausage recipes. This includes sausages with peppers and beans, a sausage traybake and of course the humble sausage roll – adorned with sesame seeds.

Although we do often pick up our sausages from the local supermarket, and there is nothing wrong with that, we love visiting local butchers for meat, as they offer advice you just can’t get anywhere else and some fabulous flavour combinations with meat. HG Walter, a family run butchers in Barons Court recently picked up the accolade of Butcher’s Shop of the Year in London and the South East. They are infamous for their sausages and even allow customers to create their own flavours. They’re known as one of Nigella’s favourites and Heston once asked them to make a Chocolate Orange and Chilli sausage, so you know they must be good! So if convenient, for the recipes below get your sausages from your local butcher or HG Walter if it’s not too far.


Sausages with peppers and beans

The sausages in this recipe are girddled to seal in the flavour and then cooked in tomatoes and peppers with butter beans and few herbs, meaning this any-day-of-the-week recipe is vibrant and full of flavour:


Chicken, chorizo and sausage traybake.

A superbly easy traybake, again only taking a few minutes to prepare – this recipe is perfect for a midweek supper. Even more so as there’s only one dish to wash up afterwards. This recipe is featured on It Starts With Breakfast:


Sesame sausage rolls

Sesame sausage rolls

Although more a summertime treat (delicious for picnics), we like to make these ahead in a large batch and freeze them, being able to defrost and cook a few at a time as a mid-afternoon treat (if they last that long!) Here’s our recipe for Sesame Sausage Rolls:

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