National Burger Day

Celebrate National Burger Day on August 24th

24th August is National Burger Day, celebrated at over 750 venues across the country. This annual event brings out the most courageous creativity within burger venues, not least within London’s Spitalfields market, which boasts multiple restaurants taking part.

Spitalfields includes delicious options with the likes of duck, tuna and even bagels included. These delicious burger creations are the best way to celebrate the day. Here are a few that are on offer at Spitalfields E1.

Leon’s Korean Chicken Burger – made with chargrilled chicken thigh, served with Gochujang Chilli Mayo Slaw (£5.75)

National Burger Day

London Bagel Burger Co – yes there is a venue specialising in bagel-based burgers, offers three options:

  • The Samih, the vegetarian option – a falafel patty, with grilled halloumi, wild rocket and homemade chilli jam in a bagel (£8)
  • Fat Bastard – The LondonBagel Burger Co describe this as a meaty skyscraper of beef burger, salt beef, fried egg, American cheese in a bagel (£8)
  • The Luca is a beef burger with halloumi, salad and homemade chilli apple sauce in a bagel (£8)

National Burger Day

Galvin Hop offers the upmarket Yellowfin Burger. This burger is made with a Yellowfin tuna steak, served with slaw, avocado, watercress and chips (£21)

The Duck Truck provides a burger made with duck pulled straight from the bone, with a perfect mix of hoisin, cucumber, spring onion, Asian slaw in a soft and sweet toasted brioche bun (£6.5)

Not only is it a day that everyone gets together to enjoy burgers, 20% off is available at the participating venues. To get the discount, find a burger of choice at, click through to venue information, fill in the form and receive a voucher via email. On 24th August, present it to the venue.

For a full list of venues taking part in National Burger Day across the country, visit

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