Gousto – meal delivery service


We recently had the chance to review Gousto, a meal delivery service that curates recipes and sends recipe cards with pre-portioned ingredients directly to your door.

Gousto focus on providing organic ingredients and high-welfare meat in combination with healthier recipes. Here at Season’s Eatings we trialled a couple of their meal options to see if it would change our eating habits.

Gousto  Gousto

One Friday we received a food box on the door step from Gousto to find all the ingredients we’d need to cook Asian Fish & Beetroot En Papillote and Crispy Asian Pepper Chicken for 2 people over the weekend. Our first impressions of ingredients was actually rather positive – we had some concern that food could have been damaged or bruised in transit, but this was not the case, and everything was as promised – pre-portioned and fresh. What we were really impressed with was the environmentally friendly use of wool as the insulator for the chilled items.

The two recipe cards were easy to follow, with no ambiguities in instructions. They also detail basic ingredients (such as salt, pepper and oil) and cooking items (e.g. tin foil) that you will need from your cupboard. We managed to cook each recipe for 2 in the time stated (30 & 40 minutes), following the instructions and timings, which, if typical timings to cook any of the other recipes on the Gousto menu, means recipes can easily be prepared midweek – even if a little late back from work.

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The end result didn’t look too dissimilar to the Gousto professional photographs on the recipe cards (and excusing our poor photography skills). The dishes themselves were tasty and nutritious and the portion sizes meant we felt full afterwards – although there’s always room for dessert, which you have to provide yourself.

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To see our full review, pop over to Vada Magazine for the article.

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