Eggs with chorizo

National Egg Week

This week (5th – 11th October) sees National Egg Week on the foodie calendar. Across the UK, 32 million eggs are eaten daily, which amounts to a whopping 11.8 billion eggs per year. With so many eggs being consumed, there are such a vast number of ways to enjoy them, from poached to fried, used in baking to whisking into meringues.

Here at Season’s Eatings, we have compiled our top three ways to enjoy eggs. We hope you enjoy our recipes, and let us know how you prefer yours.

Eggs with chorizo

1. Poached eggs on bagels with chorizo

Poach the eggs using the Delia method. That is to say, gently crack very fresh eggs into just simmering water. Leave in the water for exactly one minute, then turn off the heat and leave in the hot water for another 8 – 9 minutes. The eggs will be just cooked and still have a runny yolk, so manoeuvre with caution onto a toasted bagel. Top with sautéed chorizo and freshly snipped chives.

Eton mess - serving

2. Blackberry and orange Eton mess

We’ve previously made this recipe as a dessert (link here). It uses a Swiss meringue, with egg whites whisked into a stiff peak then caster sugar gently added with the beaters still going. The meringue is cooked on a low heat and once cooled, serve with whipped cream, fresh blackberries and orange zest.

Soft boiled eggs with Marmite

3. Soft boiled eggs with Marmite soldiers

One of our favourite breakfast is a couple of soft-boiled eggs with whole grain soldiers slathered in Marmite. Boil your eggs for 5 – 6 minutes, then plunge into hot water to stop cooking. Crack open the top and dip the Marmite coated soldiers.

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