Bloody Mary

Our Top 3 Bloody Mary’s in London

Amidst the BBQs, dinner parties and late night summer months, we often find a little over-indulgence all too easy and a fuzzy head much more easily come by. We find one of the best remedies, should you find yourself in this situation, is a Bloody Mary. At Season’s Eatings we’ve searched across London to find our top three, and we hope that if you find yourself in the same poorly predicament that one of these will sort you right out.

Bloody Mary

Garlic-infused Bloody Mary – Shepherd’s, Westminster

Shepherd’s is a long-standing London institution, but it’s Bloody Mary, whilst relatively new under the head barman, Goran, is one we’ve very quickly become very fond of. This Bloody Mary is made with creamed horseradish (which makes the drink slightly darker than normal), vodka infused with garlic gloves for 15 hours, green Tabasco (which has a softer flavour than normal Tabasco), served in a glass with black pepper rim.
This Bloody Mary was exceptionally well blended, had balanced flavours and tasted fresh, so if Westminster is near your locale, this is the venue to check out.

Shepherd’s is located at Marsham Court, Marsham Street, London SW1P 4LA. Visit them online at

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary with a Vegemite soldier – Brew, Putney

South of the river, Brew have a handful of outlets across Clapham, Wandsworth, Wimbledon and Putney. We visited the latter for the classic Bloody Mary served with an Australian twist: a vegemite soldier. This down-under cousin of our British love-it-or-hate-it brand is a perfect combination to the Bloody Mary. Brew follow the traditional recipe of vodka, tomato juice and horseradish with a sprig of celery. The also offer all-day brunch – what they’re principally known for – so a beautiful combination for those fuzzy-headed mornings.

To brunch at Brew in Putney, visit 162-164 Lower Richmond Road, London, SW15 1LY. Their full menu is available at

Bloody Mary

A Spiggry Mary – Sixtyone Restaurant

Sixtyone Restaurant, located near Marble Arch, offers a Bloody Mary selection in their Champagne bar, with our favourite of their options being the Spiggry Mary – a gin-infused Bloody Mary with rosemary, served with dried pineapple. The tomato juice is sweetened with pineapple juice also and Worcester sauce is used instead of horseradish. For those who are less fans of Vodka, this replacement by rosemary-infused Gin is playful and we appreciated the sweet addition of the dried pineapple.

Sixtyone Restaurant can be found at 61 Upper Berkeley Street, London, W1H 7PP. To book your table visit them online at

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