Christmas spirit - Cranberry and Orange Vodka

Christmas spirit – Cranberry and Orange Vodka

Christmas spirit - Cranberry and Orange Vodka

Christmas is the time of year that everyone allows themselves a bit of indulgence, whether it be a few mince pies, extravagant meats or even that special tipple. We at Season’s Eatings are a great fan of Christmas as there is a great splurge on the consumption of seasonal food – when else would one ever eat a sprout?

This festive yet simple recipe for cranberry and orange vodka creates a delicious adult aperitif that will last over several parties (if you make enough) or is perfect as a gift served in presentation bottles.


  • 2.5 litres vodka (unbranded)
  • 5 orange – zest of
  • 600g cranberries (fresh or frozen)
  • 450g caster sugar


  1. In a mixing bowl mash up the cranberries – not to a complete pulp, but so the skin of each has at least been burst.
  2. In a large, sealable container (e.g. a giant Kilner jar or demijohn), pour in the vodka. Add the sugar, grated orange zest and the now-crushed cranberries. If you don’t have a sealable container, you can use a large sauce pan (with a lid) and double seal it with cling film, which should do the trick.
  3. Give the mixture a thorough stir and then seal and leave somewhere dark for 2 weeks. Check on the mixture every 3 – 4 days and give a gentle shake or stir to ensure that the sugar is dissolving properly.
  4. After the 2 weeks is up, the cranberries should have conceded their colour and infused the vodka with a deep pink colour. Line a sieve with a piece of muslin cloth and strain the mixture to ensure that your Christmas vodka doesn’t contain any bits.
  5. Decant into sealable jars for presents or a larger vessel for a party.

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