Hello and welcome to the food blog Season’s Eatings, where you will find regularly posted recipes using seasonal and fresh ingredients. The majority of the recipes are on the healthier side of life, but that’s not to say there are no cake or biscuits – where would be the joy in life without something sweet?

Why choose to cook with seasonal ingredients you ask?

The majority of us shop at supermarkets, we know how convenient we find it to buy everything under one roof and being able to all foods all year round. However buying like this often means that food prices are higher as food (that’s out of season) has had to be flown in from abroad where it can be grown in a suitable climate at that time of year, meaning it’s more costly. So by buying more seasonal food, prices are typically lower. Secondly, a lot of (although not all) seasonal fruit and vegetables can be grown in the UK and perhaps even closer to home, so seasonal eating is also better for the environment by reducing ‘food miles’ and therefore carbon emissions. We’re not trying to spark a debate about supermarket giants being bad entities, rather promoting the use of seasonal food locally, wherever possible.

Another important reason that we advocate buying seasonal food is because this is what my local greengrocers and markets stock the most of. This gives me a reason to support local businesses, find out where the food was grown and pick up tips on what they’re getting in soon and the best ways to cook ingredients.

Wherever we use a local or independent supplier, we’ll provide a link to them on my blog, after all it’s important to share where to get great food products!

How did Season’s Eatings begin?

The idea has developed over many years, starting with me, the creator of Season’s Eatings growing up in a household where money was a little tight and fresh fruit and vegetables were grown on our allotment(s) and garden as a means to keeping food costs down and having fresh, healthy food. Subsequently, one of my summer jobs as a student was in a local health food shop, where we worked with local suppliers to sell vegetable boxes to customers. I could see both the positive impact of using local, seasonal food for both suppliers and customers.

Having done further stints in jobs in kitchens, and having been experimenting with food for as long as I can remember (and no doubt will be throughout the rest of my life), I’m a keen advocate of home cooking.

Get in touch

Please use the form below to get in touch. I’m happy to accept recipe requests, feedback or discuss using your products/ingredients that you would like featured on the blog.

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